What should my child wear to Gosling's?

I know first hand how hard it can be trying to persuade a pre-schooler to wear the right clothing for the right occasion. The most important thing to remember is that children need to be able to run, paint, climb, etc, without worrying about getting messy or tangled up in wheels. Short sleeved tee-shirts are a very good choice, especially in the early days as they love the water tray. And although the staff fill the bowls with just 6cm of water, some children still manage to immerse themselves up to their armpits!

We have Gosling's sweatshirts and tee-shirts available for sale

These can be obtained from Chris. They really are a very good investment as it saves the battle of 'what to wear' in the morning as well as being very practical with elasticated cuffs. Ideal clothing would include leggings, jogging bottoms, a warm water proof outer layer, socks and trainers.

What not to wear to Gosling's?