Snack Time

We provide a healthy snack in the morning. This can vary from buttered toast, humous and carrots, to fresh fruit. We also include a variety of multi-cultural foods such as Chinese noodles or pizza. We provide milk or water at snack time.

Drinking water

All children are expected to bring in a named container of fresh drinking water each session. They will be able to access these at their own will throughout the session.

Packed Lunch

Lunch times at Gosling's are a happy relaxed affair. The children love sitting with their friends and teachers because it makes them feel very grown up. More importantly, it helps them become independent so that when they start school they don't feel so anxious about the VERY LOUD DINING HALL. As staff we always ensure any savoury food is eaten first and help them with the packaging if necessary.

Drinks - A healthy drink may be squash, fruit juice or water in a leak proof container. Please do not pack fizzy drinks.

Food - We are aware there is a vast difference in children's appetites. Please pack healthy food you know they will eat.



All lunch boxes should be named clearly to help the child recognise and find their own belongings.