We hope your child will be able to attend their sessions without too much illness, but, it is a fact of life that young children catch many coughs and colds in the early years as their immune system is not fully developed. Inevitably there will be times when they are not fit to attend. Please ring Chris, The Manager, if your child is feeling under the weather.

Upset stomachs

Children and staff who have had diarrhoea or vomiting will not be allowed to return to the Gosling's for at least 48 hours since the last attack to reduce the risk of infection. The Environmental Health Department must be contacted if you suspect any food related illness.

Colds and coughs

Colds are a frequent occurrence with young children. As long as they are able to enjoy activities and have sufficient energy they are welcome to stay. However, if the child is on anti-biotics they should stay at home until they have completed the course and are fit and well.

Contagious illnesses

Any child who is suffering from a contagious illness should not attend Gosling's until they are clear. This includes impetigo and conjunctivitis. Parents will be notified if a contagious illness has been reported.

If a child appears unwell on arrival

If a child appears unwell on arrival, staff will enquire after the child and advise the Manager so that the full facts are known before completing the day's register. The Manager reserves the right to refuse entry to any child who appears unfit.